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Fathers and Men of Professional Basketball Players offers a series of programs designed to assist the youth in our communities.

Community Support Programs

With a growing father absence crisis in America, we support youth in homes with or without the presence of a father.


Our support is aimed to reduce the impact of poverty, school drop outs, obesity, prevent teen pregnancy and keep the our youth safe and free from trouble.

We offer visits to group homes, deliver shoe, toy and school supply donations and host NBA All-Star Weekends filled with events and activities.


Educational Support Programs

We offer educational support programs that focus on business, technology and financial literacy.

In collaboration with various associations and local agencies, we host events across the country to support our future leader’s development in each of these areas.

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone can give another person, he BELIEVED in me.

~ Jim Valvano

Leadership Training

We offer a series of leadership programs to create future leaders of tomorrow. These programs focus on goal setting, decision making, public speaking, problem solving and responsible citizenship.


Athletic Camps

Children now spend more than seven hours a day in front of a screen watching tv, playing video games or on a computer.


Our athletic and sports camps educate our youth on the importance of health and wellness, and are designed to support the physical activity recommendations and reduce obesity in children.

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